Problems with Custom Decoder Stream (HL7 MLLP)

I have had some trouble with a custom decoder and the MLLP adapter when trying to read a larger stream (large being 10 Kb :/). It turned out to be a quite simple change, but it took me quite some hours debugging and not getting what was wrong. When I tried to read the stream of the HL7 message in my custom decoder, I got an error. The stream length...


HL7: BizTalk HL7 Accelerator parse errors on ACK / NACK

Next one: You are getting parse errors on the (Negative) Acknowledgment BizTalk wants to send back to the sending system. The scenario BizTalk receives an HL7 message with an error in the header, e.g. MSH|&^\|APP1^^^^^^^^^||APP2||. The MSH_3 data-type will trigger an error, for it’s not valid. The message won’t be parsed and a negative acknowledgement will be generated. The NACK is being picked up by the receive port to return...


HL7: NTE_NotesAndComments segment is not unique

I’ve found quite some bugs (no Microsoft, this is not by design, these are bugs) in the HL7 accelerator for BizTalk. I will try and post some solutions for these bugs over here. First one: The NTE_NotesAndComments segment is not unique. And because HL7 is a flat file with everything on the same level, the definition of the schemas of HL7 version 2.4 is incorrect! This will eventually cause that...


Loading this assembly would produce a different grant set from other instances. (Exception from HRESULT: 0×80131401)

If you get the error below (or something resembling the error below), you should uncheck the 32-bit only flag in your host and be sure the orchestration will be hosted by a new 64-bit instance. xlang/s engine event log entry: Uncaught exception (see the ‘inner exception’ below) has suspended an instance of service ‘Company.CompanyDivision.BizTalk.AutoWarehouse.Orchestrations.HandleMessageFromAutoWarehouse(8a6f1226-bf81-5a66-3929-0fd9a6362777)’. The service instance will remain suspended until administratively resumed or terminated. If resumed the instance will...


Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0C01B3D

If you get the following error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0C01B3D Check your project properties > deployment and change the server to either “(LOCAL)” if you are doing a local deployment, or the actual servername to which you are trying to deploy the solution or project.


Can’t terminate service instance in BizTalk

Well, this method is a bit harsh, but I really needed it terminated. You can look up the Service Instance Id and Service Type Id and execute the following stored procedure on BiztalkMsgBoxDb. Note that this should not be common practice and you should search for the cause of this behavior if it occurs often! DECLARE @out INT BEGIN TRANSACTION exec dbo.int_AdminTerminateInstance_BizTalkServerApplication ‘ServiceInstanceId’, ‘ServiceTypeID’ , @out COMMIT


Windows Azure AppFabric Services June CTP

So services are finally getting shape in the latest CTP release of the Windows Azure AppFabric (June CTP). You can sign up for the service, but, just as Office 365, there are limited beta places. We basically had two new releases, stumbling over each other. The first one in May, and now the second one in June. But what did this all add? The first change is, that it now...


NuGet #2: Elmah – Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET

Well, that’s the real title of the package. It’s a really cool package in my opinion. Where you had to configure it before (well, 3 lines of web.config), it now automatically installs through NuGet. Just one click and you have your error logging installed. You often don’t know what errors happen when people visit your website/application. People just got a yellow screen of death and didn’t know what to do...


NuGet #1: MVCScaffolding with MVC3 and an existing entity model

MVCScaffolding is a NuGet package. The name itself explains what the package does. It scaffolds your MVC applications. It generally generates all your CRUD functions. It uses the Entity Framework 4.1 and also works together with EFCodeFirst. With this combination you are no longer required to have your database setup. You can just make you classes and Visual Studio/.Net will generate the database for you. Whether it’s a file (SQL...


Assembly Oracle Dataaccess Version2.111.7.0… was not found. Reinstall the assembly or Visual Studio. The application cannot continue and will exit.

Assembly Oracle.DataAccess, Version= … was not found. Reinstall the assembly or Visual Studio. The application cannot continue and will exit. This will be a short one. Comment out all lines containing the following names from your machine.config (32 AND 64 bit!). Mind you, your Oracle adapters probably won’t work anymore! oracleDBAdapterInboundTransactionBehavior oracleEBSAdapterInboundTransactionBehavior <add name=”oracleDBAdapterInboundTransactionBehavior” …> <add name =”oracleEBSAdapterInboundTransactionBehavior” …>