Monthly Archive: January 2015


Open source middleware: is Mule ESB the Next Big Thing?

Some of you may or may not know that I have been busy with a Mule ESB implementation last year. Partly because I had some time in which I could help a client and partly because it never hurts to dive into a new technology and see for yourself what it’s like. It never hurts to know what else is on the market, especially in open-source-land. Getting lost in an open source...


Building a body: A world of ups and downs

I have my ups and downs, as does everybody. I always have an 8-10 week period I can go as hell at the gym with insane progress and then I have a period – probably of the same length – when I am just going to the gym to workout. My so called “maintenance mode”. I go to the gym and train less hard, don’t stick to a food regime and of course mainly gain...