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Fatloss & maintaining muscle part 2: Weight training chest & biceps

This article is part a bigger post: My bodybuilding routine: Fatloss & maintaining muscle. Today part #2: Weight training chest & biceps. I can only but guess that these are the two most popular muscle groups when it comes to men. Chest and biceps. Mainly because the muscle groups are easy to train, but also just because. Because it’s the muscle groups everybody seems to find most important. Every muscle group...

Core exercises 1

Fatloss & maintaining muscle part 1: Core basics

This article is part of my previous post: My bodybuilding routine: Fatloss & maintaining muscle. Today part #1: Core exercise. I tend to start off most training sessions with some core exercises. Core exercises are a great way to strengthen (1) your lower back and (2) abdominal area. It prevents me from doing extra ab exercise as well, since I can hit them during this workout. The reason why I start off with...


My bodybuilding routine: Fatloss & maintaining muscle

You can find me at the gym 6 days a week. And when I’m at the gym, I am probably there for almost 2 hours. It seems like a long time, also it was me who said you have to hit the gym short and hard. But I don’t just do weight training in those 2 hours. It’s a complete workout. Right now I am trying to maintain my muscle and lose...

Reading cookies in Mule ESB 4

Reading cookies in Mule ESB

If Mulesoft is good in anything it’s the lack of examples and documentation. I find myself busy with trial and error programming quite often. Now: reading a cookie from a HTTP request from an HTTP connector. So what I do is sending out an HTTP-request and get a response, which contains a cookie (e.g. session id). I have to use the value of the cookie in all the following request I am making to...


Enterprise Single Sign-On Server: Unspecified error

Always fun to install BizTalk 2013 without installing Visual Studio first. There seem to be so many components in Visual Studio’s installation that make the BizTalk installation easy. But now busy with the production server I am getting the following error. Brace yourself! Enterprise Single Sign-On Server: Unspecified error After some digging in the instrallation log I noticed some weird text though (C:/Users/<USER>/AppData/Local):  

  Notice the weird characters...


Discipline and a lot of time in the gym

I spend 2 hours a day in the gym, that’s quite impossible if you have 2 kids running around Last time I blogged it was about me having a hard time at the gym, but also about my results. People seem surprised by the results I was showing in just 6 months of hard work. “How did I build up so much muscle in so little time? And what did you use...