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Slow down BizTalk using an orchestration

Last week I wrote a blog post about slowing down BizTalk using throttling. This method can be good, but it’s also dependant of other factors, like how busy is your machine? Are there any other processes throttling? How severe is the impact? Different circumstances can influence throttling behavior. So it needs some testing, also on your production machine. It turns out the method is not as easy as it seemed. If we want to make...


Deliberately slow down BizTalk by using throttling

BizTalk by itself is not the fastest message broker there is. It relies heavily on SQL Server instead of in-memory queues. BizTalk isn’t slow, far from it, but there are other  systems, like Mule or WSO2, that will process messages even faster. You will loose some control, but that’s the trade-of you make if you need to process messages the fastest way possible. But speed isn’t everything, especially since you rely on the capabilities of...