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European BizTalk Summit 2014 – Day 2

So, this is the second part of a report I am doing on the European BizTalk Summit 2014. I will discuss the second day in this post, the first day is to be found here. The second day was just as fully packed as the first day, lots of talks, lots of people and a great lunch. Exposing Operational data to Mobile devices using Windows Azure (Kent Weare) Kent Weare took...


European BizTalk Summit 2014 – Day 1

I just arrived back home from London, where I attended the European BizTalk Summit. Saravana (BizTalk 360) did a great job organizing it and had all these speakers fly in from all over Europe and beyond, and of course Guru (let’s call him the BizTalk boss) was also there to talk about BizTalk’s latest. Speakers where mostly non-Microsoft, which resulted in a mix of praising Microsoft on a job well...