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Using and abusing the Compose JSON action in Logic Apps

So that Compose JSON action in Azure Logic Apps is kinda under-documented. At least, I had to figure it out all by myself, but when you get the hang of it, it is actually quite simple. The action accepts JSON and only JSON. So don’t you dare to enter invalid JSON. You will be punished by a Logic App that you can’t save. Compose JSON So the action is meant to compose...


Adding a JSON schema to your Logic App – Generate, Copy & Paste

Although I see many Logic Apps triggered by events like schedules or external events like a Twitter message, it’s also possible to trigger it by an HTTP call. A nice feature, but it would be even better if we were able to get the definition in the Logic App as well, so we know what properties we can use in our flow. And you know what? Yes we can! Let’s start by creating an easy Logic App...