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HL7: BizTalk HL7 Accelerator parse errors on ACK / NACK

Next one: You are getting parse errors on the (Negative) Acknowledgment BizTalk wants to send back to the sending system. The scenario BizTalk receives an HL7 message with an error in the header, e.g. MSH|&^\|APP1^^^^^^^^^||APP2||. The MSH_3 data-type will trigger an error, for it’s not valid. The message won’t be parsed and a negative acknowledgement will be generated. The NACK is being picked up by the receive port to return...


HL7: NTE_NotesAndComments segment is not unique

I’ve found quite some bugs (no Microsoft, this is not by design, these are bugs) in the HL7 accelerator for BizTalk. I will try and post some solutions for these bugs over here. First one: The NTE_NotesAndComments segment is not unique. And because HL7 is a flat file with everything on the same level, the definition of the schemas of HL7 version 2.4 is incorrect! This will eventually cause that...