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NuGet #2: Elmah – Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET

Well, that’s the real title of the package. It’s a really cool package in my opinion. Where you had to configure it before (well, 3 lines of web.config), it now automatically installs through NuGet. Just one click and you have your error logging installed. You often don’t know what errors happen when people visit your website/application. People just got a yellow screen of death and didn’t know what to do...


NuGet #1: MVCScaffolding with MVC3 and an existing entity model

MVCScaffolding is a NuGet package. The name itself explains what the package does. It scaffolds your MVC applications. It generally generates all your CRUD functions. It uses the Entity Framework 4.1 and also works together with EFCodeFirst. With this combination you are no longer required to have your database setup. You can just make you classes and Visual Studio/.Net will generate the database for you. Whether it’s a file (SQL...