Monthly Archive: June 2015


Fatloss & maintaining muscle part 3: Weight training back & triceps

This article is part a bigger post: My bodybuilding routine: Fatloss & maintaining muscle. Today part #3: Weight training back & triceps. My back was one of my weaker parts and it still isn’t my strongest bodypart. Partly because I have probably neglected it too long in the beginning and partly because it’s probably never going to be my strongest. I train my triceps when I do my back. A lot...


Shorten the BizTalk HL7 MLLP adapter timeout of 3 seconds (MLLPFlushTimeOut)

Last week I had a problem at a client with the MLLP adapter. All messages sent through an ordered delivery MLLP Send Port were showing delays of about 3 seconds. We kept looking at the wrong places. Since the throughput of the server quadrupled after a merger, we were to focussed on performance problems, but it turned out to be a registry setting. Determined since the messages were sent to systems...


BizTalk and Oracle EBS User Defined Types (UDTs) – Only one .Net assembly allowed

When you are generating Oracle EBS User Defined Types (UDT) using the generation wizard in Visual Studio, you may encounter the following error: A message sent to adapter “WCF-Custom” on send port “SP.Oracle” with URI “oracledb://ORACLE” is suspended. Error details: System.InvalidOperationException: Custom type mapping for ‘dataSource=’ORACLE’ schemaName=’SCHEMA’ typeName=’SCHEMATYPE” is not specified or is invalid. Good chance that you are generating several libraries (dll) for your user assemblies (userAssembliesLoadPath), instead of just one....