Monthly Archive: February 2016


A very first look at Logic Apps Preview Refresh

Finally! Well, that’s what it feels like in this day and age anyway. We can’t even wait until the next phone gets released, before we even got the last one. But Microsoft refreshed their Logic Apps Preview and took it to the next level. The next level, but for sure not the final level. Just a short post to see what’s new here. I will be playing with it a little more the...


Optimizing XSLT to boost your BizTalk map performance

Who hasn’t had this discussion when working with BizTalk? Should you use the built-in BizTalk mapper or go with XSLT instead. For me, it all depends which situation I am in. If there are a lot of BizTalk developers, I would say it’s a no brainer and go with XSLT. But if I have to educate people at a client to work with BizTalk in the first place, people who will only occasionally develop or...


(Re)Finding my way in Microsoft’s Integration Offering

I have, as always, been very busy with integration. On premise that is. Microsoft’s cloud integration offering has been all over the place for the last couple of years and to be honest, I wouldn’t have recommended it to customers. Enterprise customers need some sort of security for the future and can’t rely on services that will be suddenly discontinued. Finally there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Integration is...