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Referencing external assemblies in Azure Functions

I have previously blogged about Azure Functions and the potential of these small, stand-alone functions. It is a welcome addition to the Microsoft’s micro services vision. Function Apps are about the smallest amount of work you can do and it’s all easily exposed through an API. You can code Node.JS if you want, but if you use C#, you have the entire .Net framework at your disposal – not everything out-of-the box...


Logic Apps and the purpose of Azure Functions

I have been looking at Azure Logic Apps since last year, but I couldn’t find a purpose for it, except retweeting a tweet. I couldn’t find a real world scenario for it. It was just too limited. There are connectors, but what should I do with the message? Maybe a BizTalk mapping or fire a business rule? And you need BizTalk Services for that. I don’t know about BizTalk Services, but...


There’s a new kid in town and it is called Azure Functions

A lot of stuff has been announced during the Build Conference this year. A lot of exciting stuff for developers, especially if you are into everything Azure. One of the things I am pretty psyched about is Azure Functions. It seems so arbitrary, but it’s something I – as an integrator – use daily. Just think of all your helper functions (methods) you use in BizTalk, or any other application...