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Reading cookies in Mule ESB

If Mulesoft is good in anything it’s the lack of examples and documentation. I find myself busy with trial and error programming quite often. Now: reading a cookie from a HTTP request from an HTTP connector. So what I do is sending out an HTTP-request and get a response, which contains a cookie (e.g. session id). I have to use the value of the cookie in all the following request I am making to...


Mule ESB: Reading data from a JDBC endpoint Stored Procedure call

As some of you may know I have also been busy with some open source middleware, specifically Mule ESB, by Mulesoft. The first thing I noticed was that there’s really not that much information to be found online for all the cases you encounter. It makes starting development harder than at first glance. Added to the fact that I had some shortcomings when it comes to Java, as a .Net...